How To Buy A Home In Oklahoma | Home Buying Process

How To Buy A Home Part 1 | Home Buying Process

Number One: Hire A Realtor

Yes we hear that realtors don't do anything and they're highly paid but the truth is there's a lot that goes into your real estate transaction. You have to do inspections and contracts and we've got to do financing and you've got to do closing and all the different aspects that go into it. Your Realtor serves as the conductor for the orchestra there's a half a dozen people are more involved in your transaction and the real estate agent is up the middle of it so yes you can do it yourself but a realtor is here to help you to make sure this is an easy smooth transaction because I promise you it is a can be an absolutely crazy mess whenever it comes to real estate also whenever you buy a house most homes are listed with the realtor. 90% or so are listed the way their contractors written is even if you don't have a buyer's agent they could keep all the commission so that money is still getting paid to a listing agent whether or not you have an agent or not and so you you might as well have an advocate on your side doesn't cost you anything and of course if you're looking for a realtor we suggest here or ability to use us if you're in the Oklahoma City metro or if you're somewhere else in the country make sure you find a good independent broker to help you out and buying your home

Number Two Find A Lender And Get Pre-Qualified:

I would suggest using a lender recommended by a realtor you don't have to but it does make the process a little bit easier and here's the reason why really I don't make any money from from using their lender it's illegal if they did they'd have to disclose it and then usually it's only gonna be the broker may own the mortgage company but it's illegal for a real estate agent to make any money off the transaction from the lending side but what it does do is if they have a really good working relationship it's gonna make your transaction so much easier because they already have a really good relationship to it sets realistic expectations whenever you go to look at a house let's say you go and look at a $250,000 house well what's your only call five one hundred and fifty you're gonna set the bar at that two hundred two thousand dollar house and nothing $150,000 price point is gonna match that 250 thousand dollar difference so this will help you set really realistic expectations going into the home buying process next you have a clear view of the cost to buy a house you're really can help you kind of get a basic idea but what the realtor doesn't have is your credit score so there's a lot of things that go off the credit score like your rate and your mortgage insurance all that will kind of covered in other videos but there's a lot of things that go into determining what your costs are and a lot of it's related to your credit and your financial situation which we don't have the builders so the lender will help you understand that in a very very clear way and number three the sellers will take you more seriously so if you submit an offering you don't have a pre-qualification letter from the lender well they're probably not really going to really consider you know in Oklahoma it's not required that you have that pre-qualification letter but it is highly suggested and especially if there's other people submitting offers they're gonna want to see that paper application lender so get pre-qualified it'll help you in your home buying search.

Number 3 Start Looking For Homes:

This is the fun part this is what you really want to do so what you do is you'll go online shameless shameless plug go to Rose Rock make sure you check us out we have all the listings update over 15 minutes shameless plug over alright so you go online or you come in to your Realtors off and you look at homes so you find homes that are of interest now remember pictures can be deceiving but we're gonna look at neighborhood we're gonna look at bedrooms bathroom size price we're gonna find a home that fits based upon what you're qualified for and we're gonna go out and look at homes now whenever it comes to actually physically looking at the home we don't like to look at more than three or four per day or at least for time that we're showing so you know we're going to go if you find six homes we'll split those into two different times they'll look at it so I'll do three and three apiece because if you really do more than four they all just start running together so we go out we look at the homes we're not doing inspection on the house we're gonna do an inspection later I mainly looking to see if this home fits our criteria and if it does and we will look at being putting an offer in but that's our next video

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