Should You Sell Your Home During Winter?

Are you worried that listing your home in winter is a bad idea? Watch as Brian Mullins, CEO of Rose Rock Realty explains why winter might just be the best time to sell your home! There is an art and skill when it comes to selling your home — knowing how to market your home correctly, the condition of the house, and the seasonality. In this video, we are going to be going over the seasonality aspect of it. The Fall and Winter are the slowest seasons in real estate, but as someone who is looking to sell their home, it might be the best time. 0:20 - Low Inventory The definition is "a complete list of items such as property, goods in stock, or the contents of a building." Most people looking to sell their home is during the Spring and Summer, so when Winter rolls around, not a lot of people are selling. The buyers who are looking to buy don't have many choices, making your house a top contender. 1:14 - Buyers Are Serious During the spring and summer, you get a massive influx of people who are arent serious in buying. They are just curious to see what the house looks like inside. During the winter, most people are usually indoors, avoiding the cold, so when they go out an request to see a home, they are typically serious in making a move. 2:16 - Decorations Since it's winter, this gives you a chance to decorate it and give the house a homier feel to it. Remember, when you're selling, you want the client to envision a future in that home, get them excited about it. So whip out the Christmas lights and make it feel like home. If you enjoy real estate and community-based content, make sure to like our page! We are continually releasing great videos on how to buy homes, what to look out for, and other goodies you definitely don't want to miss! You can also keep up with our newly released videos, and check out some of our older content by subscribing to our youtube channel: If you're looking to purchase or sell a home in the Oklahoma City Metro, visit our website at and schedule a time to talk!

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